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ADFG HOME PAGEAlaska Dept. of Fish And Games main page, connect with the many links the state has for the outdoor enthusiast. ADFG Sport FishFor information on bag limits, licenses etc., you'll find it at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (Sport Fish) .

Animal NotesAlso visit the Alaska Department Fish & Game's Note Book Series for information on Alaska's Wildlife, pictures, drawings and descriptions. NPSWe are located in Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve so you should give them a visit to learn more about this majestic Park.
Alaska Statewide Waterfowl Program Nature NetLearn more about the natural and human resources of our National Parks at Nature Net
Ducks Unlimited - World Leader in Wetlands & Waterfowl ConservationAlaska U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Park NetVisit the National Park Service Main page to learn about their efforts to preserve our nations heritage. Ducks UnlimitedPlease visit Ducks Unlimited they are a supporter and defender of North America's wet lands, I'm also a member, you should join also.
USFSSee what the U.S. Forest Service is doing to promote and protect our Tongass National Forest.
Ducks at a distanceVisit Ducks at a Distance it is a very pleasant site to visit, learn waterfowl identification and more.
Click for Trout UnlimitedVisit Trout Unlimited to find out what their mission is all about and become a member. Fly Anglers OnlineYou can also check out Fly Angler's Online Magazine to find links of interest and join the chat room .
YakutatThe City and Borough of Yakutat is on the northern coast of the Gulf of Alaska.  The Borough encompasses about 9,460 square miles.  Its boundaries are the Canadian border to the north, Cape Suckling to the west a line just north of Cape Fairweather to the east.  Yakutat Borough is within and surrounded by the Tongass National Forests, Wrangell St-Elias National Park and Preserve, and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Yakutat Coastal Airlines
All About Salmon, Well Almost;    Suggested by Sandy M. from Rhode Island  ALL ABOUT SALMON
Alsek Air Service, Inc LogoAlsek Air Service, Inc. is an FAA certified Part 135 air carrier. Les Hartley has 8 years and over 7,000 hours of flying experience in the Yakutat geographical area alone. David SuzukiVisit the David Suzuki Foundation Site, He has devoted his life to the betterment of mankind and our surroundings.
Alaska FlyfishersIf your into flies and your coming north, check Alaska Fly Fishers out for a tip or two. Alaska Native NetworkTo learn more about Alaska's indigenous people's, please visit the Alaska Native Knowledge Network.
Sake of the SalmonFind sources of information at For Sake of the Salmon on watershed restoration,  protection, and education. Learn about the world through the National Geographic magazineCheck out the National Geographic site to learn about the world, travel, cultures and more.

Alaska Outdoor JournalVisit Alaska Outdoor Journal, Alaska's only true online magazine.

A Resource for all that is Fishing Alaska AirlinesTo see Alaska Airlines flight schedule, pricing, and to book your flight click them here.
Juneau's Capital WebVisit  the Juneau web for  information on Alaska and it's capital. The National Wildlife Federation is the nation's largest member supported conservation group, uniting individuals, organizations, businesses and government to protect wildlife, wild places, and the environment.

Learn more on the stories you've seen on PBS , NOVA, FRONTLINE and much more.
Buy AkaskaBuy your products from Alaskan retailers or join the BUY ALASKA team.
Shop Orvis onlinePurchase your Fly fishing gear from Orvis they have quality gear with a terrific guarantee. Fly Patterns of AlaskaThis book by Alaska Flyfishers is available online for purchase at, It is packed with fly patterns that I have used myself. If your coming to Alaska I highly recommend it.
Fly fishing AlaskaBy Anthony J. Route: Learn more on fly fishing Alaska, areas how to and more.

Also a good pick by the same author: Flies for Alaska : A Guide to Buying & Tying I've tied many Flies from this book, clear photo's and detailed description's.
More Alaska Bear TalesLarry Kaniut does it again with More Alaska Bear Tales, If you think you can handle more stories about Ursus arctos than this is the one to get.
Alaska Bear TalesLarry Kaniut, Alaska Bear Tales could keep you from going into the woods again, or you could learn about the do's and don'ts of traveling in Bear country, as one who lives in bear country I found the book unnerving at least for a little while. Alaska's WildlifeTom Walker, Alaska's premier wildlife photographer, presents the state's well-know wildlife along with its more unusual species in the incredible selections of photos taken for this book Alaska's Wildlife.
James Mitcheners, AlaskaMaster storyteller James Michener reveals Alaska in all its awesome, sweeping majesty. From the near-forgotten past, to the highly technological present, from self-defense to self-determination, here are the men and women who tried to tame the land. Eagles of AlaskaAlaska is the last frontier and also the Eagles last stand, see and read about Alaska's Magnificent Eagles from the respected Alaska Geographic.
Birds of AlaskaWildlife biologist Robert Armstrong's classic is back in print, with new photos, a new design, and the latest, most accurate information on Alaska's resident birds, along with its casuals and accidentals. Updated to include all 443 species of Alaska's birds. Alaska's Glacier BayAlaska's Glacier Bay: A Traveller's Guide surveys the 3. 3 million glorious acres of icy wilderness that form Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve with its more than 200 bird species, black and brown bears, seals, humpback wales, and the Tatshenshini/Alsek river.

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